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The OceanPredict Symposium (OP’24) is planned as a four-day event (Monday to Thursday), with the last day of the working week (Friday) reserved for the OP Science Team meeting. The OP'24 will focus on the development of the operational oceanography for societal benefit. For this event OceanPredict has partnered with IOC-UNESCO to contribute to the Ocean Decade efforts.

Symposium OP'24  Overview

The overarching theme of OP’24 is “Advancing ocean prediction science for societal benefit”. It invites ocean and atmospheric scientists, observation specialists, industry representatives, service providers and users of ocean data & products from across the international operational oceanography community to engage in science sessions, exhibitions and discussions to explore and define the direction of operational oceanography. Especially welcome are representatives from the service provider and end-user community, to exhibit their work and products, and to engage with the science community. Early career scientists, students and representatives from emerging economies are encouraged to attend the Symposium.

The Symposium will seek to: 
  • accelerate the evolution of operational oceanography;
  • identify the growing and changing needs of users and how to enhance service delivery
  • align the objectives with the goals of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (UN Ocean Decade, 2021-2030). 
OP’24 will advance the Foresea effort of international coordination and community building for future ocean prediction capacity.

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