Stéphanie Cuven

Mercator Ocean International

Office assistant coordinator


Stéphanie Cuven has a Ph.D. in Earth’s Sciences with a specialization in sedimentological sciences addressing climate change and geohazards. Her research studies have contributed to a better understanding of the major consequences of past climate changes on marine- lacustrine- and coastal environments (e.g., by eutrophication, ice melting, sea level rise, oceanic current changes). She investigated abrupt events at large spatio-temporal scales, from the artic to the tropics and from the Quaternary to present time. Furthermore, her experience in the Canadian High Arctic during her Ph.D. in Canada (INRS-ETE, Quebec City) made her aware of the urgency to act for sustainable development by deepening observations to improve forecast. She has therefore developed a high-resolution approach from geochemical analysis to better discriminate the abrupt events origins, whether caused by earth dynamic (e.g., tsunamis) or climate change (e.g., storm surges).